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    what do you think is better?

    See More: iphone vs the new google?

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    It's hard to compare a phone I have never used. While I've seen video and read what others have said about it, until I get my hands on it I will save my direct comparisons until then. That said, I've own/used the iPhone 3GS (32GB), the Droid, the HTC Hero, the Palm Pre, the Samsung Moment, and the Blackberry Storm2. I think the iPhone and the Pre offer a more seamless experience than the Android phones, mostly because the companies (Apple and Palm) that make the software also make the hardware and thus can create a seamless experience between the two (hardware and software). My only problem with the Pre is the design of the phone. If, for example, webOS was in the body of the Nexus One, it would be the ultimate phone for me. I really think Palm could have designed a better physical phone, but the OS is amazing. Also, their app store is anemic, but I suppose that depends on how much apps matter to you.

    As to the iPhone, it’s a great phone hampered by a poor network and Apple’s wall-garden policies. I understand that Apple is a for-profit company and they have the right to, well, make a profit, but that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with their greedy policies. I say this because with the iPhone, it’s all about getting people to connect to iTunes and thus become part of Apple’s ecosystem. You have to have an iTunes account to register the phone for warranty support, for example; to use the app store, to put music, video, or pictures on the phone; to update the phone, and to reset the phone you music connect the phone to a computer and iTunes. If you purchase anything from iTunes it's almost restricted to use on an iPhone/iPod. Surely, there are ways around this, but jail breaking the phone voids your warranty. To think that I buy a device that has 32GB on it, but I am limited as to how to use that storage. I simply cannot live with these policies/restrictions. I will be the first to admit that Apple makes innovative products, but I am not selling my freedom (to what I can do with what I purchase) to any company, cool phone or not.

    As to the supposed “white knight” of phones, I think Android is (potentially) great, but not quite there yet. I don’t know why Google doesn’t support multi-touch in the browser, for example. Why do Android devices not come with a notepad, a task manager, or a memopad? Why do I have to download these from the market? Why can’t I download apps to the SD card? Why can’t I close certain programs without a task killer or by going through a byzantine conduit of menus? And why no Android device with more built in memory (8GB-32GB)?

    Lastly, I think many people are placing their hope in Google and thus Android because they hate Apple or rather the way they do business or just legion of followers they have amassed or their reputation.

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    They really both have their own perks. I'll list a few

    Nexus one -
    larger screen res
    larger camera
    android OS (may or may not be a pro)
    faster processor

    hundreds of thousands of apps
    very smooth ui and os
    cool status symbol
    essentially an ipod for music
    itunes store

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    there is no other to the iphone . period

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    they both have their advantges, so it is hard to tell which one is better.

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    Google doesn't support multi-touch because of Apple patenting. The intellectual property is owned by Apple and why would they license it to google, their potentially biggest competitor?

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    Re: iphone vs the new google?

    I've used the 3G and 3GS as my personal phone for several months and have only played with the Nexus One and Droid phones maybe a dozen times for a few minutes each. However, the difference in usability is stark.

    Almost everything I've discovered how to do on the Google phones has been while trying to do something else. I discovered the trackball by rolling it by accident and seeing stuff light up. Why is there even a trackball? I discovered that the status bar is draggable while hunting for buttons that would show me new messages.

    The Android UI is simply confusing. The only indication that you're supposed to drag the padlock to unlock the phone is a tiny little dot that appears on the other side of the screen when you tap it. Coworkers and I all tapped the lock several times before that occurred to us.

    The first time I tapped the status bar, I noticed the grips that appeared for the instant my finger went down, but I couldn't drag them because they go away as soon as I let up. So I thought of dragging the status bar itself down and I saw a new message notification, but when I lifted my finger to press it, the bar rolled up again. It turns out you need to let go when it's either dragged sufficiently down the screen, or with sufficient velocity, for it to stay. But I didn't discover that until later because I was able to tap the notification by dragging the bar down a little bit and tapping it really fast.

    The Android UI feels open source, through and through. Doing anything on that phone is like trying to use KDE. Tons of options, free software I-can-do-anything good feelings, but mind-numbingly poor UI that's full of surprises. I guess people just get used to it. But I wouldn't trade the consistency of the iPhone UI for Android's open marketplace any day.

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