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    I dropped my blackjack in the toilet the other day. Im eligible for an upgrade and am able to get the G3 8gb for 100$ after MIR. I haven't really been a huge apple fan because I legitimately do not like their programs (itunes, especially).

    The things I would like in my new phone would be touch screen and open source and for only 100$, it's hard to pass up, even though it is something I've always kind of disliked.

    Should I just bite my own bullet and get the iphone anyway?

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    Re: Should I get?

    You will love it once you have it in your hand. I owned multiple Windows Mobile handsets before getting the iPhone. It's a "holy crap" type of change in your day-to-day experience. You won't regret it. The iTune dislike is no biggie. You don't have to sync it with iTunes if you don't want to...but it's impossible to avoid the once-in-a-while syncs though.

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    Re: Should I get?

    A similar thing happened to me. My AT&T phone (not even 2 years old) started showing signs of a loose wire or short (screen colors bad or just going out).

    AT&T offered me $100 off an iPhone so I've seen a few co-workers with theirs so decided to get the new 3GS with 16 GB RAM.

    To say I LOVE it would be an understatement. They have apps (applications) that are super easy to find and super easy to load onto the phone. (Most are either free or offer a free demo...I have around 20 and have only paid $1.99 for the few that I liked enough to get the full version.)

    I've learned to put my photo albums, ripped CD's, and even youtube song videos on it. (Next comes putting movies on it to watch while traveling.)

    The good thing about AT&T is that if you don't like your new phone (for 30 days, I think) you can bring it in and get another one.

    But you won't...iPhones are awesome.

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