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    Apple is debuting it's new table on Wednesday the 27th and word has it that AT&T may be losing it's exclusivity to the iPhone. According to Hot Hardware, Wednesday, the iPhone will be up for grabs for any carrier. Verizon is the carrier that may be the one just do do that but a CDMA version would have to be created.

    I'm sure many Verizon customers have been waiting to get their hands on the iPhone but didn't want to abandon their carrier. This may all ring in as a big thing for Verizon if Verizon jumps on the iPhone.

    via: AT&T Insiders Report iPhone Exclusivity Going Away On Wednesday - HotHardware

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    Re: AT&T to lose it's iPhone exclusivity?

    Well, Apple didn't announce anything about opening up their device to other network providers - but the announcement on the 27th was really just for the iPad. They will probably have another announcement this year about the iPhone being adopted by new network providers. It's in their interest for all network providers to carry the iPhone.

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    One more thing - there is also a growing concern by other network providers that the iPhone might not be a good thing for their networks, due to how the iPhone has brought AT&T's service to its knees as a result of the iPhone. Despite the upside (new subscribers) the downside is an impacted network infrastructure which can effect all subscribers on the network.

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