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    I find it ridiculous that Apple is trying to sue HTC over the Android phones that they have and will be putting out. Wasn't is just recently that Apple was being sued by Nokia for the same thing. And now that Apple's iphone empire is being threatened by HTC's new Android phones suddenly they have a stick lodged somewhere uncomfortable. I think that the majority of the claims that Apple is making against HTC is just bogus. Not only are these patent ideas just the general progression of technology or common sense user interfaces, but many Android phones were already using said technology before Apple ran out and got a patent for their "original" ideas. When it comes to making a product more user-friendly I would assume that the majority of ideas come from the consumer. "I would like it if..." How can Apple patent these ideas when they are not in fact original to the Apple think-tank. I think that the majority of corporations use these types of lawsuits just to undermine their competition and create a monopoly for themselves. I'm sorry Apple but you cannot corner the market on smart-phones.

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    Re: Patent Lawsuits

    It is pretty ridiculous. I believe one of the twenty counts of patent violations that Apple is suing over is over the slide to unlock capability of the iPhone. If that is what makes the iPhone unique then you should be worried about the HTC Android collection. Be more confident in your product and you won't have to sue over stupid BS like this.

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    Re: Patent Lawsuits

    I find it ridiculous too. I think at this point companies are just trying to see what a court will allow. If you think about it, these are the first cases of their kind.

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