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    When I called at&t they said that they stoped all the service for the iPhone on the GoPhone service and they said that all I can do is make call and not use the internet (which they charge 10 cents per kilobyte on regular phones that can) I'm wondering since the phone is jailbroken and unlocked will this give me the ability to not only access the Internet, but give me the ability to send and receive pictures which is like an Internet connection and was told to me that with the iphone would not be a feature that I can do. o yea its a 2g iphone

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    Re: iPhone and AT&T GoPhone

    Never done it myself, but sounds like a pile of poop to me. What's the point of jailbroken and unlocked if you can't do stuff like that. I think it will work just fine....try it and let us know.

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