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    I have a 2g iPhone that I tried jailbreaking fir hours my friend finnaly got it into dfu mode an it got stuck. The the phones firmware us 3.1.3 we used red snow snow breeze and blackrain but it is still stuck in dfu mode. I would like any suggestions in how ti finish jailbreak

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    Re: IPhone stuck in DFU mode?

    To the best of my knowledge there is not a reliable jailbreak for firmware 3.1.3. Do you have an older backup with firmware 3.1.2 or older that you could restore? There are reliable jailbreaks for 3.1.2, although you'll need custom software if you want to update your firmware after that.

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    Re: IPhone stuck in DFU mode?

    You can quickly get out of DFU mode by pressing and holding home and power button for at least 10 seconds and release both at the same time.

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