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    The WWDC 2010 will be between June 7 and June 11 and it's expected that Apple will not only present the fourth generation iPhone but unveil the new iPhone's hardware seeing that Apple has already announced the iPhone OS 4. Although it's not been determinded what the new fourth generation iPhone will be named, it was once rumored that the new iPhone will be launched around June 22 of this year.

    When it comes to the new fourth generation iPhone, many are expecting it to be better and even more then the last iPhone due to the success of the phone and to the many high end smartphones that have been recently launched.

    via: Apple schedules WWDC 2010 for June 7, iPhone 4G / HD expected Unwired View

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    Re: Apple expected to present new iPhone at WWDC 2010

    Wow that is much closer than I thought it was going to be. I guess since OS 4.0 just got announced that felt like a big deal. Thank you Gizmodo for stealing the Apple thunder.

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    Re: Apple expected to present new iPhone at WWDC 2010

    hopefully when i upgrade i dont have to pay an early upgrade fee like last year

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