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    Walmart is preparing to clear out the older iPhone 3gs to bring in the new ones and in doing so, they are lowering their price on the iPhone 3gs to just $97. That is $100 less than the $199 current selling price of the iPhone.

    This price decrease is expected to increase the sales of the iPhone 3gs to bring in the new generation iPhone but since word is out about the new generation iPhone being launched as soon as June 7, the sale of the older iPhone 3gs may not be as successful as it normally would. The $97 iPhone 3gs from Walmart is still a good deal and I'm sure there will be many who does not already own an iPhone, to take advantage of it. The $97 iPhone 3gs is with a 2 year AT&T contract.

    via: Wal-Mart slashes iPhone price to $97 - May. 24, 2010

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    Re: $97 i{Phone 3gs via Walmart

    oo thanks for the info i want to get one for my roomate as a gift, been looking for a good deal.

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    Re: $97 i{Phone 3gs via Walmart

    I just added two lines and got this deal, it was way to good to pass up!

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    Re: $97 i{Phone 3gs via Walmart

    Lol my mom wants one of these.

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