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    There are now rumors stating that Apple plans on launching a CDMA iPhone 4 and will begin shipping in the 4th Quarter to Apple. The CDMA iPhone 4 will be made by Pegatron and is planning to be launched via Verizon. So it looks like there may be a deal going on between Verizon and Apple.

    What will this do to Motorola and HTC? Verizon customers may just tend to go with the Apple iPhone 4 if the CDMA version happens instead of going with the Droids.

    via: CDMA iPhone 4 (for Verizon?) to come in Q4 Unwired View

    See More: CDMA version of iPhone4 coming to Verizon
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    Re: CDMA version of iPhone4 coming to Verizon

    Yes as you stated it is rumors. But authorities on the subject think that the iPhone is more likely to go to T-mobile for the simple fact that they don't have to make a CDMA version. In all this is still just rumors.

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