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    Recently I met some friends play golf together (I am the beginner of golf), and want to play the golf well, so I search and install some app which are talking about golf into my iphone that I can learn more golf skills anytime at everywhere.

    I find one app under the name called “Golfsites”..it is very useful, because there is a GPS on app, provide distances to different key markers, mainly provide distance data for every hole in its database and do the analysis for improvement. There is a free trial version, and I feel it is easy to use, so I buy the full version for more information.

    If there is someone also using this app, please leave a message for sharing!! Thanks~
    GolfSites | Mooee iPhone App

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    Re: Sharing the iphone app called Golfsites....Excellent!!!

    GolfSites~I downloaded it for trial!
    I like their Customer Services as well as the GolfSites app, because their cs will answer your question always within 3 days!


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