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    You may have heard that the iPhone 4 for Chine was going to launch in September but was not going to launch on the 13th as expected. According to some reports from China Unicom, the iPhone 4 will be launched on September 16th for online only orders and will come with some of the reception issues as the other iPhone 4's.

    Since the iPhone 4 for China Unicom will have these reception issues, the carrier is throwing in a free case to help with this problem.

    via: China Unicom to Launch iPhone4 _English_Caixin

    See More: iPhone 4 launching in China on Sept. 16th

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    Re: iPhone launching in China on Sept. 4. 16th

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    There are rumors that also want to sell already jailbreak ... More than anything, there are photos circulating, but you have to see if they are fake ...

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