Hi, I'm new to these forums, my question is this,
I bought an Iphone 3gs 16gb 3.1.3 from a friend when he upgrade to the iphone 4, it runs on the rogers wireless network here in canada and my goal is to get it to run on telus so I can use it with the contract I'm currently on. So far I have jailbroken my iphone and from there I added the source repo666.ultrasn0w.com and downloaded ultrasn0w which to my knowledge is all you need to do to unlock your iphone. I've purchased a sim card from telus with all my phone info and tried plugging it in with no success. I'm just curious if I missed a crucial step somewhere or if anyone has had a similar problem. Again I am Canadian with a rogers Iphone I'm trying to convert to Telus. I appreciate any and all help!

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