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    Let me introduce myself first, I am an office lady and studying part-time program at University, the follower of new trends, so I like browsing interesting website for getting the latest news and meet new friends for sharing.

    Recently, my Dad bought me a new iPad as a gift, so surprised! So now, I like to find and install some iPad app in my new toy, have any suggestion?

    When I visited iTunes Store, there are many iPad apps for Social Networking, Gaming, Sports, Reading or Business......etc. They are all in my iPad, are the family member of iPad. ^.^

    In additional, there is a special app call Bella Girl – Beauty Assistant, a long long name but really very useful, because it is an all in one beauty and shopping tools on iPad and specifically for ladies. (specifically for lady is the main reason why I buy!)

    There are 6 beauty and shopping tools included. I like BMI calculator that can find out where I stand in fitness compare to my peers, as good as is the Calorie Counter because I am on diet and want to count how much calorie I have gotten or consumed each day, it can show the line chart on the report for reference, Great!!

    And other tool I like is the Event Calendar, because I can add my personal dates on the calendar (it provides the Privacy button that when I share Bella Girl with my friend, my period and ovulation date will be hidden.)

    The remaining tools are Timer for control my face mask treatment time, nail drying time; Converter can help me know my size in international unit that is good for shopping reference.

    The last but not the least, I feel interested that there is a Smart Compare, it is useful because when I buy the cosmetics in different volume, different price, Smart Compare can assist me to decide which one is the better choice.

    Bella Girl is not the complex iPad app, but if we do not know what the button for, we can visit the user guide on Bella Girl website (although it is a long long name, but the user guide is showing by fews words with picture, it is very friendly!)
    And below is the website link of Bella Girl for reference, it is simple and clear!

    Bella Girl

    Have any other good iPad apps you know, please sharing together!


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    Re: Sharing the beauty and shopping iPad App – Bella Girl

    TD1 Dual Cards Quad Band FM Cell Phone
    I want to give my sister to prepare a birthday present. this is Apple right?thank you!

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