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    I have thought about it and I think it is because of gizmodo showing off the prototype they found. Steve jobs says that prototypes have to be tested in real world environments and that's exactly what an engineer was doing but got drunk at a bar and forgot that specific prototype. The reason he was testing it was to point out flaws like the signal flaw that specific type had.

    But when gizmodo found that prototype, they did what anyone would do and post pictures of it on the Internet. and now that everyone has seen that awesome looking thinner different design. That's what they were expecting to be the next iPhone. So apple had to make it the new iPhone even though it had a flaw.

    Foxconn is a company that builds iPhones for apple and they had to invest in thousands of machines that are designed to build prototypes which costs $20,000 for each machine. And foxtron was able to supply over 100,000 iphone 4s a day.

    When apple released the new iPhone 4 they kept mentioning the case you can put it in (which fixes the signal problem) cause they knew they were screwed And were hoping everyone would get one.

    If none of this would of happened we would of probably had a whole different iPhone that would be slightly thicker, and have all of the same atures except for the signal problem and people would just find something else to complain about it like the camera not having as many megapixels as other phones out there.

    Well these are just my thoughts about the whole situation, would like to know what you people think.

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    Re: Have you ever thought about why apple released iPhone with signal problems?

    No, I have not thought about this.

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