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    So many rumors about the white iPhone 4 is going around that it's almost hard to know what to expect. Just yesterday, it was reported that the white iPhone 4 will be delayed until next year without any reason why. Now, we are hearing that the white iPhone 4 may be cancelled via BGR.

    According to a report, Apple has no plans to launch the white iPhone 4 in which when spring of 2011 happens upon us, another delay will be announced which will lead to the next generation iPhone, perhaps the iPhone 5.

    Whether there are manufacturing issues or not, it's really not been confirmed what the problem is with the white iPhone 4 and it looks as if we have a long wait before we know what will actually come of the white iPhone 4.

    via: Apple may have actually cancelled the white iPhone 4 » Unwired View

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    Re: White iPhone 4 cancelled?

    but the model is very good

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    Re: White iPhone 4 cancelled?

    wow an iPhone is one of the beautiful things and most of all is also one of the pharaoh is too strong to be just really expensive even though it is expensive but you would not cry over this matter because that is a tough thing iphone.

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    Re: White iPhone 4 cancelled?

    While I like this color better,I'm still waiting for it's going public.

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