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    Ok, like the topic says..... I am getting ready to buy three (3) iphone 4s on the 27th of this month (nov). What I would like to know is, can each iphone have it own playlist that will sync to that device independently from the others? Meaning... can iphone1 be plugged in and sync song 1,5,6,7, and 9. And then iphone2 be plugged in and sync songs 1, 2, 8, and 10. and so on? This question also applies to apps as well. It would stand to reason that this would be pretty easy being each iphone has it's own name and is recognized by itunes as a separate device, but who knows..... Hopefully someone reading this post.

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    Re: Multiple iphones on single pc

    Yes, I have read it and tried to help you.but i think i need the answer too.

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