I have a girlfriend who has an iPhone 3. Every so often in a conversation, I'll lose pieces of what she's saying, like only every other syllable comes through. It's now been acknowledged by another friend of hers who's on another carrier. Girlfriend and I both have AT&T. It's carried on while I've changed from one phone to another. AT&T has loaded every possible update to her phone, changed sim cards, even replaced her phone. Issue continues. We've now eliminated from the equation changing MY sim card, and also her location, as she lives in Tallahassee and I in Houston. She's here for a Christmas visit, and as soon as she got off the plane here and called me, same thing happened. AT&T's position anytime she calls them to complain is "gee, we don't hear it when you speak, so.....". Anybody else experiencing this speaking with someone with an iPhone, please answer back, especially if you know of a fix.

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