I Bet You Don't Know The Weight Of Your Bone Can Be Used To Forecast Your Life!

What Bone Weight Astrology?
Bone Weight Astrology is a Chinese Astrology system that is used to tell a personís character and traits, as well as luck throughout his or her lifetime. People that are interested or just plain excited about Astrological symbols and how it pertains to their personal lives will be fascinated by this app based on a practice that has been around ancient China for centuries.

Simple and easy to use, someone enters their birth date, and from there the application can then calculate their Chinese Zodiac, which is based on 12 different animals. Depending on the animal, it will be able to formulate the reading for what is projected for the animal for that year. In turn, the application demonstrates what the Chinese Zodiac will say about the user for that year.

Download here:
Bone Weight Astrology for iPhone on the iTunes App Store


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