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    Caze has come out with new cases for the iPhone 4, called Caze Zero 5 Ultra Thin Matte case. These are designed for the iPhone 4's and are recyclable as well as ultra thin. The Caze Zero 5 Ultra Thin Matte cases are durable, lightweight, tough and flexible and is built with TR-90 material. Color options are blue, pink, gray and clear.

    The cases have a thickness of 0.5mm and covers the back and the corners of the Apple iPhone 4. The case is so versatile that you can charge the iPhone 4 without having to remove the case. A microfiber cloth for cleaning comes with the case as well as a stand that is wallet sized.

    Price of the Zero 5 Ultra Thin Matte case will run you $19.90.

    via: Caze tosses in Zero 5 UltraThin Matte to protect the iPhone 4 -

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