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    So today I decide to go to verizonwireless.com and go to MyVerizon to upgrade to the iPhone 4, even if I have to pay full retail price.

    I click "Upgrade Now" and it says that I'll have to pay full retail. I then browse the phones. Noticeably, the iPhone was not listed. I then go under the tab "Phones" and see that the word "Apple iPhone" is grayed out. Why is it that I cannot upgrade to the iPhone even at retail price online?

    I call Verizon Wireless, they have no explanation; however, they apply a New Every Two upgrade to my account which gives me an upgrade at discount pricing plus an extra $30 off...just complimentary for "being a valued customer".

    The NE2 goes into effect tomorrow...my only fear is when I try and upgrade with the discounted stuff, it will still be grayed out...

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    Re: iPhone 4 Verizon Wireless

    Perhaps you should just go to a Verizon dealer in person and do it so that way you know what your getting and no surprises will follow.
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