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    anyone have one of these otterbox covers for their iphone?

    I want to get a protective cover for my new iphone.
    how are these?

    See More: otterbox defender cover

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    Linda Phillips
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    Re: otterbox defender cover

    I just bought one last week, after dropping my new I4 5 times in one day.
    I love it. It is incredibly bulky, but that is the price to pay so protect my phone from myself.
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    Bourbon City
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    Re: otterbox defender cover

    I have one and I like it very much. However, I recommend you put an anti-glare screen protector on your phone so you won't have the water-marks the Outerbox's screen makes when it touches a bare iphone screen. However, the water marks don't hurt anything and may not bother you. The anti-glare screen is a quick fix for the problem.

    BTW, this fix works for all cases with a built in screen cover.

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    Re: otterbox defender cover

    There are 4 different cases that Otterbox manufactures for the iphone. Impact, Commuter, Defender, and their new line Reflex.

    Defender is pretty bulk but is the only case of the 4 that comes with a holster. I like the commuter. The new designs are backwards compatible for the original iphone 4 but the older versions are not compatible with the iPhone 4S. Same thing for the Iphone 4 Verizon version.

    The impact case is just a no slip grip skin and it comes with a screen protector. The Reflex is pretty interesting, it is like a blend of the other 3 cases.

    My fav is the commuter because it doesn't do much damage to the bulkiness of your pocket.
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    Re: otterbox defender cover

    I really dig my impact, though it doesn't fit the phone as tightly as Io would prefer.

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