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Released: Feb 23, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 19.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: LIVEZEN Corp.
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Angry Family for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Are you a fan of arcade style fun action game?
Then this is the right game for you.
A very intriguing fun and action packed game with exciting stages and simulating scenarios.
Angry family is a single player game where you get to survive through several levels by collecting bonus points and destroying evil demons.

A bored dad almost frustrated by the treatment he receives from his family decides to go on an adventure trip to the lost world theme park. He decides to take his beloved family along for a refreshing adventure ride. Once there, he realises that things are after all not as simple as he seems. Now at the theme park, the family must bond together to survive various stages of action and fun and in the process earn points and deal with evils.
The family has 5 members, dad, mom, and 3 kids. Each person of the family has a unique ability to deal with various challenges that you encounter as you play along and it’s up to you to decide which family member to choose to attack the obstacle. This is the real fun.

How to play:
Angry family is offered in 3 convenient modes
1. Story
2. Challenge
3. Tutorial
In the story mode, you start from the first stage and build up a story that builds up as you keep progressing from stage to stage. This is really fun. You can quit at any point and return to the same stage later as you have continue mode and a new story mode as well.
In the challenge mode, you can directly choose which stage to play and start off. This is a single stage game mode where you get to pick the challenge you like the most.
The tutorial mode is there to let you train yourself in controls and to get a hang of the game before you go professional.

This game has every thing that you would expect from a fun action game and even more. You get to choose the kind of attack to launch, absorb souls, change your leader, test your moves, pick up items etc.
Be warned…! This is a highly addictive game and you may not want to stop playing once you get used to this.

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