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    I have several albums stored in my music library, HP Pavillion DV4, running Windows 7.

    How do I transfer some of these to my Verizon I4 16 gb?

    I am not very intelligent about this!

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    Re: How do I transfer music from Laptop to Verizon I4

    Have you ever sync your iPhone with iTunes..

    Before you plug/sync your iPhone with iTunes..open iTunes...at the top of your screen nextbto the Apple icon...click on the title...iTunes and then click on preferences.

    Another window will open, go to the icon named Devices and click on it, then at the bottom of the page check off the first box titled...prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPads from syncing automatically.

    Create a folder in the left colum of your iPad and title it...now drag drop the albums/songs you want to load on to your iPhone in to that folder. When your done selecting open the folder to make sure of your picks

    Now plug in your iPhone to your computer... When your iPhone appears in the left colum, high lighted/click on it. Now your iPhone page will appear, on the top of the page click on the title music.

    Check the box Sync Music and manually select songs.

    Now look for your titled folder in the category listings at the bottom of the page, put a check mark in the folder you named...then hit Apply, or it might say Sync, at the bottom right corner. Your phone should start syncing.

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    Re: How do I transfer music from Laptop to Verizon I4

    This way should fix the issue about how to transfer music from your laptop to your verizon iPhone 4.
    1. Download iTunes.
    2. Connect your iPhone 4 to the computer.
    3. On iTunes, you should see your iPhone listed under Devices.
    4. Click on your iPhone.
    5. Go to the Music, Applications, TV Shows, and all those other tabs and set your references.
    6. Click Sync.

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