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    Ok, so you want an iPhone case that will do more than just hold and protect your phone. Well, there is a case like that and is pictured above. This case was created with a clock/watch on it and is made of brown leather. Doesn't really make sense of having a watch or clock on a case when the iPhone already comes with a clock.

    The price of this case has not be revealed and by the looks of it, it may not be cheap as this looks more like a luxury case than anything else. When or if we hear anymore on this case, we will keep you posted.

    via: Someone put a watch on an iPhone case Specs, Reviews, News and Price Info - MobileWhack

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    Re: iPhone case with a watch?

    wow - and i thought my angry birds case was swiss! I'm sure it will be pretty pricey though especially if it's leather

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    Re: iPhone case with a watch?

    That looks classy. I wonder if it comes in other colors too?

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    Re: iPhone case with a watch?

    This case is right up my alley. You see, I am a gadget nut. I really like technical and mechanical machines. I am into watches and cameras as well as cell phones.


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