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    I'm having trouble backing up all of my devices to itunes. When I right click on my device, there is not an option to create a backup listed anymore. It also makes no attempt to automatically backup when I sync. I have tried uninstalling itunes,but it did not make any difference. When I reinstalled it, all my apps and music was already there. All of my old backups were there too. Any ideas on this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    I think there is something that has disabled your back up feature and it has nothing to do with itunes, anyway. there is something called "itunes backup disabler" once you download it you'll have two options
    1. enable backup
    2. disable backup
    Once you get it, click on enable and hope this will help you.
    Besides what mentioned above, i like to share you a page about how to transfer iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer or iTunes, which included transferring iPad contents to computer/iTunes.
    Hopefully this works for all of you like it just worked for me!
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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    Try find the itunes prefs and delete them
    Also See here>>> http://www.thedailybuggle.com/itunes...backup-iphone/
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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    Did you do an automatic or manual uninstall?

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    May/May not help, but this did happen to me but it was only because my computer was full, deleted some stuff to make room and it came back

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    Amigo, voce não vai acreditar como eu tambem nao acreditei e estava com o mesmo problema a um ano. mas funcionou e agradeça a Francisco L
    SOLUÇÃO: Basta abrir o relogio do windows e na aba Fuso Horario marcar a seleção "ajustar automaticamente o relogio para horario de verão".
    Pronto, seu iphone ja nao dara erro no MobileBackup. Não sei a origem deste grotesco bug e nem porque esta é a simples solução. Mas é muito estranho não é.

    link fonte: Reputação: Fórum - tópico: O SyncServer encontrou um erro e precisa ser fechado

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    some things like voice recorder will simply not synch via itunes

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    Connect your iphone to computer and launch itunes⟶ find iphone under the "Devices" category in the left panel⟶ check the "Summary" tab on the right⟶ click "Manually Manage" ⟶ "Apply". Well if you don’t wanna go through the troubles just get a iphone transfer to do all the backup thing.

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    Re: Can't backup iPhone contents to iTunes

    On open a terminal window (mac) or command prompt (windows) and run

    defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

    Windows 32bit:
    "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt DeviceBackupsDisabled 0

    Windows 64bit:
    "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt DeviceBackupsDisabled 0

    No need to download an unknown/untrusted app that runs the equivalent of a one line command

    More Reviews:
    How to transfer or backup iPhone contents to computer/iTunes

    How to transfer contents from iPhone to Mac OS
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