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    I would like to get an iPhone this summer. I am fine getting an iPhone 4, instead of the newly released 5 this summer. Should I get one now or will they be cheaper this summer once the 5 is released? Will there be a new release of a smaller, cheaper 4 this summer?

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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    I would definitely wait if you aren't desperate to get a phone.

    There are many new phones coming out, but the iPhone 5 might be delayed til fall or winter of 2011. I would just get the White iPhone 4 or wait a couple more months for the iPhone 5.

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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    if you don't need a phone, wait for the iphone 5, although i'm very happy with my iphone 4 for what i use it for...calls, emails and texting mostly. Camera and video are good, facetime works well.

    my daughter has an upgrade in August and she gonna wait until the 5 comes out, i have an upgrade in december... will see.
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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    Agreed, if you can wait for the 5, do it, but if you're looking to save money & be out of contract (buy the phone outright), you should still wait because once the 5 is out the 4 will drop a notch down the ladder. iPhones tend to keep their value longer than other smartphones, but don't expect a huge savings. You could probably pick up a used iPhone 4 in good condition quite a bit less than a new one retails for, and you'll be out of any carrier's contractual obligations
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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    I can relate to this decision, I face the same decision last year with getting the iPhone 3Gs or waiting two months to get the iPhone 4. I kind of wanted the 4, but truthfully I have been very happy with the 3Gs and don't regret my decision. If you really need a new phone and can wait till a price drop with the 4 then I would do it. You wont regret it especially if you haven't owned a previous version of the iPhone.

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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    The price will drop but not right after the iPhone 5 is released.

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    Re: Which iPhone to get...

    There isn't going to be many cosmetic changes to the Iphone 4s..just a few hardware upgrades ..

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