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    For those waiting on the next generation iPhone, iPhone 5 to be exact, well you may be waiting for the wrong one. According to Peter Misek, Jeffries analyst, the iPhone 5 will be called, iPhone 4S.

    Carriers that will be getting the new iPhone 4S will include China Mobile, T-Mobile and Sprint and will have mostly the same characteristics and features as the iPhone 4, with the exception of some hardware changes, HSPA+ support, A5 dual core processor and maybe camera changes, just to name a few.

    The iPhone 4S is expected to keep its original launch date in September.

    via: Apple: Analyst Says No LTE in iPhone 5; To Add Sprint, T-Mobile - Eric Savitz - The Tech Trade - Forbes

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    Re: iPhone 5 will be named iPhone 4S

    hallo ik een iphone 4 white gekocht als ik reageer met mijn iphone op facebook komt er om dat ik gereageerd heb via mobile web en niet via iphone hoe zou dat komen en kan ik dit oplossen dank u

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    Re: iPhone 5 will be named iPhone 4S

    Heard there wasn't going to be much difference, should people actually wait for this? Or just go ahead and get an Iphone4

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    Re: iPhone 5 will be named iPhone 4S

    hmmm...that´s a nice wait or to get one now?

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    Re: iPhone 5 will be named iPhone 4S

    The A5 dual processor sounds special to me but I want to see the reviews once this phone comes out. I already had an iPhone 4 and if this new one isn't that much different than its predecessor then I guess there's no point in e getting this one.

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