Recently Iím working on the game <Castle Defense HD>, and here is some advice and skills playing this game summaried by myself below (hope itís helpful):

In Adventure Mode you wonít get much breads as in PvZ, so you should take good use of magic (e.g. lighting) to protect cookers.

Itís not easy to pass every level for only one time. Personally I donít recommend go IAP. To understand every role in this game is the key to clear all the levels with high scores.
For the racket soldier, maybe thereís not enough archers to fight against them at the beginning. You can put a cooker (or something cheap) in front of racket soldier so they exploded together.

Cooperation between Shield Soldier and Hidden Weapon
Put a Shield Soldier (or Shock Wave) to accrue enemies, then kill them with Hidden Weapon or A-dou.

A-dou should put after Pold Soldier so itís able to kill them only once.

I wonder how many of you unlocked Nightmare Mode. What Iím trying to say is itís an awesome mode and you guys really should have a try. Thereíre so many enemies in Nightmare Mode just like having a nightmare. Finally I made it wave 8. In my experience, collect as more magic as possible at the beginning. And in later waves use magic in right time and right order. Hereís some intorduction of magic skills:

Beating Dragon 18 Palms and the Arrows Rain used in area with lots of enemies will be perfect.

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