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    The rumor regarding iPhone 5 has been spread throughout the world though the product hasn’t been yet released by Apple. A lot of people already assume that this smartphone will come to surprise them with its advanced and newest features. The speculation about the features itself is now being talked more. According to the latest information, this iPhone 5 will be launched in the summer of 2011 just like the annual Apple launching though some people expect that Apple should have launched it in the early 2011 especially to fix the current problem appears in iPhone 4. But apparently Apple doesn’t give any answer about the rectification of iPhone 4 and prefers to focus on its newest iPhone 5.

    iOS 5 in iPhone 5
    Some reports tell that the newest iPhone 5 will use the newest operating system as well which comes as iOS 5. iPhone 5 is rumored to have the ability in accessing the 4G networks. Furthermore, it also comes with some new advanced features such as: the 1.5 GHz processor that can provide much faster internet connection; longer battery life that can last up to 14 of talk times on 3G and also 7 hours on the AG; the additional carrier apart from the At&T; video chat through 3G and 4G networks; and also the WiFi connection.

    iPhone 5 as credit card
    This may the greatest feature from iPhone 5. According to the rumor, this phone will come with radio frequency identification. And this is exactly the feature that allows the users to use the iPhone 5 as credit card. And if this really happens then it means that the users don’t have to wait in queue at checkout anymore. They only need to simple wave this phone over the panels to pay for the items. This comes as the new and patented technology from Apple. It depicts that great of RFID loop that can be built right into the circuitry of iPhone 5 of the touch screen of iPod Touch.

    iPhone 5 price
    Now, this also comes as the best thing about upcoming iPhone 5 which defines for its price that isn’t different with the price of iPhone 4. This surely is great news considering that the phone will come with excellent feature and ability. It totally makes each cent is worth enough. So, if any of you just can’t hold yourself to soon buying this iPhone 5, you should never miss its official launching event.

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