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    i personally think the real effect of iCloud and iOS Lion will be when its in use by the public. It looks like everything is changing on how we use Apple Devices again, and this is what Apple does best... game changers. Get Ready.


    In Martin Scorcese’s “GoodFellas,” there’s a scene that shows every member of a criminal job being found dead after the boss in charge decides they’re all liabilities that need to be liquidated, all while "Layla" plays on the soundtrack. (If you're in a “Godfather” frame of mind, recall the bloodbath ordered by Michael Corleone during his godson's baptism.) It’s a massive clearing out of old business, and we got a lot of that in this keynote. Except with very little blood.

    I haven’t mentioned the biggest re-think of all: the latest reboot of Apple’s online service, iCloud. MobileMe wasn’t a bad product, though it always had a hard time competing with other web services that offered most of its functionality for free. But for Apple to settle all family business, it had to die.

    Why keep hitting command-S to save your document? In Lion, the Save command vanishes—every document is always being saved. When you quit an app or try to shut down your Mac, why do you have to decide whether to save or not save every document you have open? In Lion, apps just shut down—and when they resume, all your files are still open just the way you left them.

    WWDC: Apple goes to the mattresses | Phones | Mac Word | Macworld

    See More: Apple Is Changing Everything...Again
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    Re: Apple Is Changing Everything...Again

    As a casual user, I don't think I will be affected much by this. For power users though, I can see some horrifying ramifications if there are ever any issues with the cloud. It is interesting to see which companies are going forward with cloud computing while others are hanging back a bit.

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