SquareUpMax is an addicvely fun physics based Puzzle App for iPhone, iPad, iPod!
Players are challenged to fling, launch, push, slide, and tap shapes ultimately to re-construct each of the addictively fun levels as it was before a series of randomly massive explosion scattered the pieces.

Four different kinds of shapes, numbered squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles couple with an amazing phyiscs engine to provide hours of addictive entertainment.

The collisions, explosions, bounces, rolls, slides, and arcs of flight through the air are all highly realistic and contribute to a very entertaining game that can be learned in a minute. On top of that many exciting bonuses & achievements can be achieved in the game.

* Simple and addictively fun game play
* 46 levels of play, with additional puzzles in development
* Four different kinds of shapes
* Amazing physics engine
* Replay levels to improve scores by completing the puzzle in fewer moves, and/or in less time
* Vector graphics provide clear, sharp text and shapes on any size screen
* Global High Score Server to submit and view global rankings

Square Up Max
LinkSquareUP Max

Square Up Lite
LinkSquareUP lite

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