ApplenBerry Team was kind enough to send me a review copy of their new product GEVEY Ultra. GEVEY Ultra provides two ways of unlocking iPhone 4.
GEVEY Ultra provides untethered unlock by not requiring to dial 112 manually. Instead, it requires users to jailbreak their iPhone 4 and install a Cydia Tweak, FuriousMod. This tweak will automatically carry out the 112 dialing procedure and your iPhone will get network within 1 minute.GEVEY Ultra also works without jailbreaking your iPhone 4. But, it’ll not provide you untethered or automatic unlock. You’ll have to dial 112 everytime your iPhone reboots.

I received GEVEY Ultra via Fedex in about 8 days. In the envelope, I found GEVEY Ultra sim with Red paper packaging and a printed paper with certain details on it. Unlike previous GEVEY Sims by ApplenBerry, which have a red plastic packaging, GEVEY Ultra has a paper packaging. The packaging is quite nice and the sim is properly inserted in this packaging.

I also received two micro sim stickers with GEVEY Ultra sim. These micro sim stickers will help you to cut your sim card properly, so that it fits in the custom GEVEY tray.
The paper I got in the envelope contains certain Trouble shooting information about GEVEY Ultra. It just tells that GEVEY Ultra is supported upto iOS 4.3.3 and that you’ll need to install FuriousMod from Cydia.
Now about the IC chip & sim tray. The IC chip has certain information printed on the black part. This printed information helped users to determine original & fake 1st generation GEVEY Sims. So if you’ve got a GEVEY Ultra chip without any printed information on the black IC, then probably your GEVEY Ultra is cloned.

The sim tray has “GEVEY” engraved on it. And to use GEVEY Ultra, you need to chop off a little part of your sim card, so that the sim card fits properly in the tray. The color of the sim tray almost matches the color of the iPhone 4′s silver side.

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