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    Many Apple fans hoped that the company’s CEO, Steve Jobs, would make them a surprise and introduce the fifth-generation iPhone at WWDC. Well, he did not. Moreover, Jobs did not even mention anything about a future iPhone 5 release which has made many draw the conclusion that no iPhone 5 will be launched in the summer of 2011.
    But loyal Apple customers have not given up hope and are still refusing to buy Android smartphones or the iPhone 4. Their determination and loyalty is to be admired but somebody should remind them that iPhone 5’s release is everyone’s guess and some rumors even suggest the next iOS smartphone could hit the stores in 2012!
    Several possible theories have emerged aiming at explaining why the Cupertino giant is holding back iPhone 5’s release.

    see this:The Phone: 3 Reasons Why Apple is Holding Back iPhone 5’s Release

    See More: iphone 5 is coming soon ???

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    Re: iphone 5 is coming soon ???

    Yeah. I've heard rumors too. Aparently its coming out next year September we'll that's what i heard but then again it could just be another rumor.
    I have high hopes for the iPhone 5

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    Re: iphone 5 is coming soon ???

    Its really good news.I will buy it.

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    Re: iphone 5 is coming soon ???

    It is expected in September of 2011. The following website details of of the rumored but expected features in the new version of the phone. I hope it helps you make your decision!iPhone

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    Re: iphone 5 is coming soon ???

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