It's yet another alarm clock app for your iPhone, but Smart Alarm Pro does boast quite the feature list

GRsoft has released its feature-packed Smart Alarm Pro application on the App Store.

Although alarm apps are ten a penny on iOS, Smart Alarm Pro does try to make 69p money well spent.

Aside from waking you up and then presenting you with just how depressingly early, or indeed late, it is in either 12 or 24 hour flavours, you can choose between orientation.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far but stay with us, it does get better. You can shake your phone for a flashlight if you need to find something, choose not just a song but a playlist to wake up too and also check out news from your RSS feed.

Our favourite feature? Instead of just telling you the weather when in bed before you go to sleep, which isn't handy unless one of your offspring decides they need a lift at some ungodly hour, Smart Alarm Pro also tells you the expected weather for when you get up and also for the next seven days.

We can't vouch for the accuracy of its predictions but it's nice to have some idea whether you will need wellys or flip-flops. Not bad for the price of a chocolate bar, hey?

Smart Alarm Pro is available now on the App Store at 69p for iPhone and iPad.

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