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The DigitalTrends, a known technology site, has revealed a list of hardware configuration iPhone5, again, in this configuration, it believes the price of cost and benefit of Apple phone next generation in this configuration.
The analysis estimated that the selling price of iPhone5 Apple may be $ 620 (bare metal prices), while the cost is only $ 270.10, a gain of 56.4% is high. The above estimates are based on iPhone5 with 16GB memory.
The list of hardware disclosed by DigitalTrends: 1GHzA5 the processor, memory 512MBDDR2, the integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, Wi-Fi wireless and high-resolution cameras.
However, because specific information is not clear, it is only an estimate given.
The estimated cost of iPhone5 (part)
Touch Screen Controller: 49.0 USD
16 GB memory: 18.0 USD
Processor 1GHzA5: 16.0 USD
512MBDDR2 Memory: 13.0 USD
GPS. Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS: 7.0 dollars
Batteries and other accessories: 42.0 USD
Software, copyright and terms of reference: 35.5 USD
costs to run and test: 20.0 USD
transportation costs: USD 10.0

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