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    Let us have a look at a few of the new enviro-friendly features of the very anticipated Apple release up to now as Apple goes eco-friendly in additional ways than a single, in the new ORB battery to plastic polymer casing the brand new approaching apple iphone 6 is creating a difference in additional ways than a single. The upgrades towards the android phones is going to be assisting the consumer and most importantly the ecosystem. The apple iphone 6 may have a brand new graphene touch screen because of its customers meaning no chemical toxins within the compound's makeup.
    Apple is going to be getting rid of the indium container oxide base, rather the touch screen is going to be composed of the atom-dense polymer. This can really be thinner compared to previous apple iphones too. Which benefits the customers as it will likely be a lot more attentive to tracing and drawing, enhancements in contact and go game play with elevated precision.

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