Imagine how to collect all your memories in ONE picture?

Photo Impression is an application for creating a mosaic picture that consisting of Monet’s great works or your own pictures!

ONLY 3 STEPS to create a mosaic pictures:
1. Select a main picure – You can take a shot, select from Photo Library, or from your/your friend's Facebook album.
2. Adjust the resolution – Different effect will be displayed with adjusted resolution.
3. Choose the gallery – The gallery photos will be the cell images to make up a mosaic picture.

Benefits of Photo Impression include:
* Easy to use
Only 3 steps to create a creative, special, and interesting mosaic picture.

* Fast process
It takes only a few seconds to complete.

* Share with your friends
Just simply click the button to share via email or Facebook.

* Best gift for friends
Your friends will be tagged in the mosaic picture on Facebook if the gallery is imported from Facebook album.

* Create your own Gallery
It allows you to create new galleries by importing pictures from Photo Library.

* Collection of Art
Built-in 180+ Claude Monet’s great works, each with its detailed information in English, French, and Chinese.

* Cell image display
When you click the part of mosaic picure, you can see it was made of which pictures.

Now, create a amazing mosaic picures and share with your friends! – download the Photo Impression today!


Photo Impression可製作一張由各種小照片組合而成的馬賽克照片,讓每張相片都充滿意想不到的驚奇。

--- 操作說明 ---
1. 選取欲製作的主圖 – 可以直接拍攝照片、選擇相機圖庫內的照片、或是Facebook上自己或朋友被標籤的照片
2. 設定像素大小
3. 選取欲組成主圖的相片圖庫

--- 產品特色 ---
* 操作容易,只需只需三個步驟即可輕易完成
* 處理速度快
* 可自行建立照片圖庫
* 內建180張以上莫內畫作,並附有中英法文說明
* 可透過email或Facebook分享給好友
* 點選主圖可以放大瀏覽組成的小圖
* 若選取Facebook的相片為主圖,完成後會自動保留原有人物標籤

Photo Impression for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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