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    how to export my iphone4 to the new ipad 2 ?
    Many iPhone and new iPad 2 users desire to have the same apps, pictures and other information on each device. You can synchronize your iPhone and iPad through iTunes, but cannot synchronize your iPhone directly to your new iPad 2. Thankfully, synchronizing the two units is very simple as they share the same iTunes account. In the future, if you decide to have the information vary on each unit, that can be done through iTunes as well.

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    Re: how to export my iphone4 to the new ipad 2

    I just sync my iPhone to my mac thru iTunes. (my mac will have the latest data ofnmy contacts.) Then I sync my iPad to my mac thru iTunes. my Mac will put in my latest contact data on my iPad. Works all the time.
    Moreover, i share you a page of iPhone/iPad/iPod Transfer Backup Reviews. It includes the transferring of music, photos, videos, SMS, Contact ect. between iPod/iPhone/iPad and computer(PC or Mac).
    Hopefully this works for you.
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