Voodoo RULES - STRESS RELIEF FOR THE 21st Century!

Everyone has someone who rubs them the wrong way. All too often the irksome individual is someone who has the authority to make your life miserable… Maybe it’s a boss, a teacher, a fellow employee, a fellow student, or who knows… It could be anybody!

What to do? What to do?

Well, the Witch Doctor’s got the cure for WHO ails you!

That’s right… The Voodoo RULES Witch Doctor has pulled together some of his most powerful Ju Ju, placed it into an innocent looking burlap sack, and adorned that sack with a little something he calls the Captivating Camera Charm.

In days gone by, witch doctor’s would have to extract a talisman from the intended… something like a lock of hair or a few drops of precious red blood. Well, it's the 21st century and our Witch Doctor performed a bit of technical magic and created something he calls the Captivating Camera Charm.

That Camera Charm uses a special Black Ju Ju to capture the intended’s, dare we say … Soul?

Now that’s what I call a Talisman!

So now thanks to the Witch Doctor, you aren’t going to have to snip off a lock of hair or draw a few drops of blood to enjoy a little instant karma…. NOOOoooooo! All you need to do is to snap a picture of the lousy “____” (you can fill in the blank) who’s making your life a living H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!

You just snap a picture with your iPhone or grab one you’ve already saved in your photos…. The captivating Camera Charm will take your photo and turn it into a cartoon Voodoo Doll Face that you can position right over the Voodoo Doll’s face. There's a dark room in the game where you can customize the face using a few tweaks and twists with your fingers to position the face just right, You can also let the game know whether the doll represents a male or female to make the ***** a little more focused. Now, there’s a bit of digital Voodoo for you!!!!

Once the face is in place, you can take your pick of several Potent and Powerful Pins that, legend has it, can do a host of things from causing headaches or a mild case of indigestion to well… We don’t even want to think about the other extremes…

So if you know someone who’s DUE a little Voodoo… download a copy of VoodooRULES, snap a picture of the #*&! and make em PAY!

The Witch Doctor designed this Game as a STRESS RELIEVER! So the player can blow off a little steam without actually hurting anyone.

Full Version : VoodooRULEsLite
Lite Version: VoodooRULEsLite

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