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    Without the appearance of sincerity than design, iphone 4 S internal strength ascension is not really small. The first is the doubt carried by the iPad 2 and the A5 dual-core processor to, although this paragraph processor performance is very good, but the iphone 4 S how wear also wanted to support to the next June, in the face of increased frequency of 8260 and ran points qualcomm's endless samsung Orion, apple really hard to keep performance advantage. Cooperate with new processors, dynamic access memory capacity of the RAM was raised by 1 GB, new PowerVR SGX540 graphics performance has also won the great enhanced, which is also the only iPhone 4 S may be called the advantages of configuration.

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    although at first a lot of people are disappointed with the iphone 4S(primarily because a lot hoped for a major upgrade like an iphone 5 instead) some just wanted a bigger screen and some are just looking for something they found lacking on the iphone 4s, so at first the results was underwhelming but after a few days, apple announced they sold 4 million of their new phones. and now a lot of people are awed by siri, bigger memory, a5 processor, 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video etc. I guess the little tweak on the overall appearance by the 4G s was forgiven by the good upgrade in terms of internal aspects.

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