• Notifications screen You would not even know that the newly-introduced Notifications screen was there unless you explored the interface and read through the patch notes. By swiping down on your iPhone from the top of the screen (where the clock, battery level and service are indicated), you can access your Notification screen, which displays missed calls and texts, new Facebook messages and also weather and stocks.

  • iCloud With iCloud, you suddenly no longer have the need to plug your iPhone, iPad or any other devices up to the computer to swap and access files. You can even backup and restore your iDevices via iCloud and download new software updates without a PC or Mac.

  • New photo skills Apple has introduced a host of editing options for photos in iOS 5. You are now able to crop, rotate and enhance photos all directly from the iPhone. If you are using iCloud, you can push these photos to all of your devices automatically.

  • Easy camera access In iOS 5, the camera takes on a whole new role. You can access the camera directly from the lock screen, allowing fast photos to be taken. Focus by tapping the screen and zoom with pinching gestures. The volume up button works to take a picture quickly when pushed.

  • iMessage With iMessage, you are able to carry on the conversation across multiple iOS devices and text and share with any other iOS device for free. Much like RIM's BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage is encrypted. With an iMessage, you are able to send pictures, text, video, contacts and locations to other individuals.

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