Apple ios 5 has been the most awaited and reviewed smart phone update, has been a big failure in the iphone 4s with many ongoing issues and problems. Iphone 4 has some static issues that has never been fixed, over loaded with the same problems in the iphone 5, people have been complaining about the same since the launch of the 4s.
iOS 5 was basically introduced for some childish tricks and tips, some great wallpapers, some fun and bla bla bla.
Iphone 4s has got many negativeness over the iphone 4, subsequently the iOS 5 was expected to be more powerful and with resolved issues,but this came totally opposite.
iphone 4 users are complaining that they cannot enjoy those features, tips, trick and apps that they usually could do with the iphone 4.
Again, iphone is totally applications supported and nothing else, so where did the power of iOS and the phone go.

so its clear that iphone is basically too much cost made and the upcoming iphones would be hit or flop depending upon the apps made for it.

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