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    Last month I lost the case of cell phones during my travel when I took it off and washed it. that dismayed me since I got the case only for a week, so I had to buy a new one for my iphone 4. Then I bought 2 cases from Internet at a time which stated that they are designed for the iphone 4. There are so many cases for iphone 4, so I choosed 2 cute cases from androidphoneretail, one switchEasy colors silicone case and the other hello kitty silicone case, luckly, it is fortunately suitable for my iphone, I and they look funny. If there is someone who has the same experience as me, you can also try to buy a new one, don't be dismayed, forget it and try some news, maybe they will be the better choices for you.

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    Re: Cute case for iphone 4

    You'll get colorful cases in less price here http://www.cellularfactory.com/pro.jsp?c=771147

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