Fabulous entertainment for you and your friends, for free and with no hidden costs! Forget tokens, berries, and other virtual currencies - download the game now, totally for free, and start having great fun!

Charades is a game for many players and is a challenge to your knowledge, speed, richness of associations, and manual skills. Invite 1, 2, or 3 friends and acquaintances from all over the world to play with you. Each of you takes turns to draw a randomly selected phrase on the screen while the remaining players hurry to be the first person to guess that phrase. The players are able to see one another's guesses. The sooner the correct phrase is guessed, the more points go to the drawer's and the successful guesser's accounts.

The application is fully translated into English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish. Each language version contains a few thousands ideally selected phrases: single words, phrases, sayings, and proverbs. We take care of our game and make it constantly attractive by regularly updating and improving the phrase base. Each user can also submit his or her own proposals and suggestions! The language of the phrase dictionary can be changed at any moment so that you can try your strength in other languages. The interface is in agreement with your local settings.

The game ends after 500 points have been reached - at that moment in the archive you will find a few tens of pictures, drawn by you and your friends. The pictures can be marked as favorite, sent by e-mail to your acquaintances, or published on Facebook.

There is also a special, additional option of Training. Whenever you desire to polish your skills, you can do it without the pressure of timing and points, by simply selecting that option from the menu and practicing drawing of suggested phrases for as long as you please. You can correct the pictures until you are fully satisfied with the results! Obviously, those pictures will also be saved in the archive, so you can return to them and share them at any time.

The game is optimized specially for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 4 gen, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 3gen. All graphics have been prepared with the greatest precision, with the users of Retina screen in mind.

The users of iPhones, iPads, and iPods can participate in exciting matches together. iPad allows the use of the application in any tablet position, regardless of how you are holding it. iPhone and iPod touch users can comfortably draw when holding the device in the landscape position - just turn the screen around when it is your go to draw. The game has also been adjusted for users of Bluetooth keyboards.

Reach interesting achievements during the game and high positions in the leaders' charts! The charts show the best players for particular languages and a global ranking of players.

When guessing the phrase you can omit diacritics and capital letters. Remember that your answers are seen by other players whose task can be made easier if you get their associations on the right track. You can also talk together and discuss the game on a chat! The person who is drawing at a given moment cannot send messages during that time but can see what the other players are writing.

Charades is distributed for you to make sure you are satisfied with the game before you pay for it. The free version has no time or functional limitations and it does not require regular payments later on. Once in a while, before the starting of the game (not during the match) an advertising banner will be displayed on the screen - that is all.
If you like the game and decide to enable the premium version you will immediately receive:
- precious achievement",
- 40% points more than non-pemium players,
- no more advertising banners,
- every day during the starting of the application you will receive phrase base updates.

iTunes Link: Charades !

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