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    One of the world’s most hyped phones, the old king of the cell phone kingdom, iPhone 3G ruled the 2008-09 session until the 3GS came. Apple iPhone has converted to two younger avatars after that, the iPhone4 and 4S. Still, there are numerous iPhone 3G users who has not upgraded their device. You can still buy a new or refurbished 3G from the sites like ebay. But the question is good is the phone in comparison with the today’s cell phones with similar price tags. You can buy a new 16 GB new iPhone unlocked at about 300$.

    See More: iPhone 3G: is it Still a Good Phone in Today’s World?

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    Re: iPhone 3G: is it Still a Good Phone in Today’s World?

    Not sure why you chose to post the first paragraph of an article from hubpages? did you write it?

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