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    Updating ios 5.0.1 has brought no changes in battery drainage, may be slight but not something that would really mean a lot after facing battery drainage issues.
    But again ios 5.0.1 has brought some strange bugs that are weakening the network.
    I am 3g subscriber but my phone does not let me get the speed, my calls get automatically disconnected during conversations. The network signal shows a weak status and it continuously comes in and breaks.
    In the mean time, I have removed the ios 5.0.1 and now am feeling relieved.
    I would also recommend all other to do the same.
    Recently I also read a news article where apple has claimed to know about this bug and also mention two weeks of time for removing this.

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    Re: iphone 4s network reviews

    This is another new phone which impressed me surprisingly. I don't have an I-pad or i-phone. But I heard from friends who has either an i-pad or i-phone who don't seemed all that amazed like I was! So I am presuming the superseded i-phone ain't that bad for them to upgrade urgently.

    I found it incredibly solid and superbly made with practical features, one could ever need on the move.

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