If you ever wanted to cheer for your favorite American Idol, your television is now able to help you do it with the help of your smartphone. The people from "Peel" have designed an app that is just for this popular show. It does more than just the usual voting of times past. It makes the smartphone into a regular "vuvuzela", but not nearly as annoying.

When being there is just not possible, the Peel app is there to bring you through. The world of the interactive television is coming of age and Peel is there with an app both for Android and iPhone devices. They are from Santa Clara California and made voting for those American Idol Singers an interactive experience, as long as you own a smartphone. The Peel app is something that provides a parellel screen to your normal television viewing. But you can tap on your smartphone screen and give approval or disapproval. That is still not possible with current day televisions. Imagine a singer coming up on the TV that you really like and they give a five star performance. Then another who can not carry a tune in a bucket comes on right afterwards. You know what you want to do. You want to get rid of the second one and make the first one win. Now you can. The Peel app is equipped with a sliding bar that shows how much everyone who is in the audience is booing or cheering. There are no limits to the number of times a Peel user can boo or cheer, just like in the show.

Peel has been the recipient of millions of dollars. They were pumped up with $16.7 million dollars just before the middle of last year. Their Vice President, Scott Ellis, is intent on improving the experience on the American Idol program. He says he wants to continue developing the Peel app to show the "real" winner on the television show. This will mean including a new button in the app that can be pushed to cast a vote for the favorite contestant. Ellis is not just interested in American Idol. He also has his eyes on other television programs like "Dancing With The Stars".

The Peel app company originally started out, like other app companies, with just the iPhone on their list of things to do. But back in July of last year they also made an app for smartphones that have Android inside. Hon Wu, the Senior Software Engineer at Peel, says that they are glad to begin the task of ending "channel surfing". How is that? The Peel app has the ability to remind the smartphone owner when their show is about to air. Peel is cordial enough to give a "heads up" in preparation for your wild hour or half hour of cheering and booing. Both the Android and iOS version of this social app are free for the taking.

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