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    If you have a new iPhone 4S and lots of apps that use location data, you know how quickly the battery will run down. There are ways to get around this problem. Some involve larger "helper" batteries. Some are just plain common sense. The easier ways are in the latter category. Let us take a look at how to get your iPhone battery to last longer.

    One of the things about these new smartphones we have today is the fact that they can do so many things. Since they have so many abilities, they also need more energy. The people at Apple are managing to keep up, but only if you do not add too many battery-sucking programs to it. The iPhone 4S has already had some bad experiences with battery management in the past. It pays to know how to make your iPhone battery last in between recharges. The easiest way to do it seems to be simply to turn the screen brightness down. Yes, there is an app for that, but just a quick trip to the "settings" menu will be sufficient to turn down the clearness of the iPhone display.

    A popular way to add some more power to the iPhone is to buy a "Mophie Juice Pack". At the recent SXSW meeting, this was used by many of the attendees. They got double the battery life out of their Apple smartphones. The iPhone users at the conference were also using a new app called "Highlight" that heavily used GPS communications to get its job done. This requires the smartphone to be constantly in contact with GPS satellite systems, transmitting and receiving information. This taxes the battery and makes battery packs like Mophie a relief from having to be tethered to a power supply. There are other cases that also include an extra battery inside, so Mophie is not the only game in town when it comes to adding battery packs.

    As mentioned, the software installed within an iPhone may determine how much battery life the user will enjoy. If we are talking about the 4S model, it starts out with 33 percent less battery standby than other models. What causes this? The programs that are constantly "checking" things. The email program can be checking if an email has arrived or not. The Facebook app can be checking if there are new updates or not. The location services are also checking every so often to check where the iPhone is. Turning off the location services in the menus of the iPhone will help save battery life.

    Last on the list is the worst way to make your iPhone battery last longer between charges. Download an app that monitors the battery for you. There are plenty of these apps available. A few are named "Battery Doctor Pro" and another is called "Offgrid". These will allow the iPhone owner to track and store battery usage. The user will be able to learn when and where their battery energy is being used the most.

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    Re: How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer Between Battery Recharges

    Thanks very much for such a nice information shared through this thread.

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    Re: How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer Between Battery Recharges

    Cool. Thank you.

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