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    1-Click Flashlight has been downloaded 400,000 times and used more than 5 million times by consumers! This essential application has also been used by victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan and Hurricane Irene.

    NEW! We added a built-in dimmer so users can now adjust the screen brightness easily from within the app. This will allow users to conserve their battery life and will make choosing the appropriate dimness for each lighting situation convenient - no need to exit the app!

    Mentioned in the American Consumer and rated hot by iOSnoops! Ranked in the top 100 iPad apps in its category.

1-Click flashLight is simply the fasters and easiest way to turn-on your iOS device to a handy flashLight. Simply touch the icon for the app and your device will immediately activate your device’s flashlight.

We’re thrilled to say that 1-Click Flashlight is now even faster! Your devices flash will be activated before the app even finishes launching.


    ✔ Incredibly fast and easy to use

    ✔ Offers a nice strobe effect
✔ Exceptionally bright

    ✔ 100% reliable
✔ Auto-dims the iPhone screen in order to preserve battery life

    ✔ Battery meter to help you keep track of your remaining battery

    ✔ Option to automatically turn off the flashlight when battery level dips below 10%

    ✔ Automatically disables the flashlight when the app is closed


    ♠ Supports music running in the background

    ♠ Feedback option can be accessed in the settings

    ♠ Disables iPhone auto-sleep mode so you can use your flashlight without interruption

    ♠ Enhanced graphics for retina display

    ♠ Intuitive user interface

    ♠ The ability to turn the flashlight on/off from within the app

    ♠ Sharing options: Facebook, Twitter, email & App Store review

    We are dedicated to making this app the best flashlight app in the app store. If you have any suggestions or problems please send us an email directly to:
[email protected]

    We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! We also appreciate nice reviews in the app store. It will keep us running.
    PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

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    1-Click Mirror Lite: An incredibly fast, easy way to share photos on Facebook.

    iTunes Link:1-Click Flashlight: Fast, Simple, and now with Brightness Control

    See More: 1-Click Flashlight: Fast, Simple, and now with Brightness Control for FREE!

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    Re: 1-Click Flashlight: Fast, Simple, and now with Brightness Control for FREE!

    This app seems helpful and wanna try it but i am afraid of using it for decreasing my battery life..
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