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    I found this app called "my facecard" and I have been using it a lot. It let's you create business-like cards but they look so much better than business cards, i guess you could call it a contact card. It makes me feel so professional anyways so I have always been wanting one of these because I don't have a business card but with this contact card I can share my contact details to people I know or I just meet and I can make my cards look really nice.

    There are tons of graphical content and you can make your card look nice by editing the font, colors and other things. You can also write a small bio about yourself in the about me section and I have been sharing my card with my friends on Facebook but there is a Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Blogger too. Oh yeah there is a bump feature so you can just bump your phone with your friends and it will automatically share the details.

    Anyways if you are like me that need a really sweet personal card, or if your actually in a company and your looking for a great new digital way to share your contact cards then my facecard might be for you. It's free too!

    Link> App Store - my facecard

    See More: my facecard - reinventing the way we look at personal cards

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    Re: my facecard - reinventing the way we look at personal cards

    wow! looks nice to me! gonna try this!

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